thealchemyfreak started to believe.

the-past-and-sake started to believe.

ayaka-and-hina-hitachiin started to believe.

"No familiar faces here," Jack noted, looking at them curiously. "You.. can see me…?"

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    Urd chuckled, taking note of the grimace. “Don’t like the nickname? Give me a bit and I’ll come up with a nice one for...
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    Jack grimaced at the nickname, hearing it far too often. “Yeah, likewise,” he offered, leaning his staff against his...
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    jack—winterandfrost: His mouth gaped in awe as the snowflake flew in front of him, he went to grab it, then it suddenly...
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    Jack nodded his head. “Snow, ice, frost, I bring winter wherever I go,” he shrugged, creating a single snowflake as an...